Aerial Work

Each year, several agencies and government departments entrust Grondair Service with transporting their staff and assisting them in their missions. Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs du Québec, and the Sureté du Québec use our services for various air surveillance missions or to carry out a census of various animal species.

Grondair Service always strives to provide its customers with the best possible service and to meet their transportation needs. You need our aerial work services? We have a pilot and a plane available just for you. Don’t hesitate. Contact us today!

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SOPFEU Surveillance patrols against forest fires

For the past few years, SOPFEU, an organization in charge of detecting and extinguishing forest fires in the Province of Quebec, entrusts to Grondair Service the aerial surveillance of part of its territory.

Based in strategic locations of the province (Maniwaki, Val-d’Or, Matagami and Parent), 16 Grondair Service pilots (3 of them are reservists) and their Cessna 182RG planes patrol the territories in order to detect new fire areas.

Each year, 4 to 6 pilots and their Cessna 310 are based in Maniwaki, Val-d’Or and Roberval for bird dogging, and from there, they go to the declared fires areas.

Two King Air 100s, based in Quebec City and in Baie-Comeau, carry the ground crew during the fire season. These aircrafts are also part of our bird-dogging fleet.

Grondair Service annually employs up to 26 pilots for the SOPFEU surveillance patrols. Grondair Service prioritize its graduates for these vacancies, since the company knows that the pilots are highly qualified.

Every year, SOPFIM, an organization mandated to fight against insects and diseases affecting our forests, entrusts to Grondair Service the mission to assist the aerial spraying teams in their work.

Our SPOFIM pilots, flying either a Cessna 337, a Cessna 310 or a Piper Navajo, assist spraying teams by ensuring that flying conditions are conducive to this task, morning and evening. They also detect obstacles or buildings that could impair the spraying process.

With one or two fire patrol seasons under their belt, up to 12 pilots work with Grondair Service each year on SOPFIM contracts. This is a great addition to these pilots’ résumés!

Aerial advertisement

Banner or illuminated banner

Why settling for a banal advertising space when you could get A LOT MORE VISIBILITY?

Are you searching for a unique way for people to notice you? Do you want to promote a festival, a congress, a new product, a wedding, a birthday or a cocktail hour?

Grondair Service allows you to display your message between SKY AND EARTH. Let everybody know who you are! A lot more original than the traditional medias and very efficient during gatherings, large events, parades and other special occasions, the aerial banner will captivate your public and the message will be unforgotten.

Not only is the cost of aerial advertisement affordable, but it is a highly profitable investment.

Aerial photographs

Are you an amateur photographer? Are you employed or a freelancer? Many photographers call on Grondair Service to take them to breathtaking landscapes or to guide them on their run for information. Book a plane and take astonishing shots!


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