Our flight school has built an international reputation since 1978.

Grondair Academy is a Transport Canada accredited flight school providing the following training:

  • Training leading to the issuance of a Recreational Pilot Permit, a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) and/or a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
  • Attestation of Collegial Studies—Private and Commercial Flight Training
  • Integrated commercial or airline pilot training

Grondair Academy also offers the following ratings:

Grondair Academy offers a personalized service to all its customers. Rest assured that we will meet your expectations.

St-Frédéric airport and surrounding areas

The location of our private airport allows you to develop good flight skills and learn to fly in a professional and efficient manner in a peaceful setting.

In addition, our instrument approaches (GPS), approved by Transport Canada, facilitates training and allows us to avoid costly delays due to traffic at international airports.

For flight in controlled airspace and for advanced instrument training, Jean-Lesage International Airport is only 15 minutes away from our facilities.

Several secondary airports in the Saint-Frédéric area offer students the opportunity to improve their skills by landing on short grass or gravel runways. In addition, our geographic location allows for flight training in a wide variety of weather conditions throughout the seasons.

Saint-Frédéric de Beauce airport : 1-800-575-2313


Variations in climate during seasonal changes will provide future pilots with an opportunity to learn in a very dynamic environment: rain and wet runways during summer, strong winds and crosswinds in autumn and spring, and snow during winter.

Basic training is provided on renowned aircraft: the Cessna 152 and the Cessna 172.

Commercial training and Instrument Rating can be provided on the Cessna 172.

Multi-Engine Rating and Instrument Rating—Group 1 are provided on aircraft that are widely used in the transport industry:

You can begin flight training at any time.

Grondair Aviation is the only company that hires more than 25 pilots every spring for forest patrols (SOPFEU-SOPFIM) throughout Quebec. Most of these pilots are trained at its Grondair Academy.


  • PPL Private Pilot Licence
  • CPL Commercial Pilot Licence
  • ATPL Airline Transport Pilot Licence
  • ME Multi Engine
  • IR Instrument Rules
  • IFR Instrument Flight Rules
  • VFR Visual Flight Rules
  • MCC Multi Crew Coordination
  • MCM Multi Crew Management
  • ACS Attestation of Collegial Studies
  • PPC Pilot Proficiency Check