Our Mission

“To be the best flight school in Quebec and beyond. To be a model for air carriers in terms of safety and comfort. Finally, we want to be a source of the very best relief pilots for the major airlines of this world.”
Enrico Lessard, President of Grondair Aviation

By integrating and supporting our Canadian and international students. By ensuring their well-being and development. By transmitting knowledge and experience, which will ensure their safety and the safety of their passengers. By helping them develop their interpersonal and technical skills, while emphasizing the importance of professionalism and courtesy, in order to transport our customers according to best practices.


Continuously expanding, the flight school has been exploring international markets since 1989. Whether they come from France, Switzerland, Italy, or Spain in Europe; from Madagascar, Senegal, the Comoros, Morocco, or Tunisia in Africa; or from Tahiti, Réunion Island, or Saint-Martin in the Pacific, students are welcomed in a family-like atmosphere, where cultural diversity is respected. All of our students are offered a personalized training program and services to meet their needs.

Grondair’s experienced and professional instructors are committed to the success of their students. They teach each student pilot how to develop the skills and discipline required to fulfill his or her ambitions while sharing the knowledge acquired.


Safe and effective service tailored to your needs! This is the motto of the charter department team. Whether it is for business or leisure, charter pilots take you wherever you want, whenever you want to go! Since customer satisfaction is a priority at Grondair, we offer, on request, departures from all over Canada to the destinations of your choice in North America!

You have many business meetings? You are planning a golf trip to the most beautiful courses on the US East Coast? A fishing or a hunting trip on Anticosti Island? You have to move a whole team of workers? You have to get somewhere quickly? Grondair offers quality service, a comfortable flight, and an experience that you’ll want to repeat.