Our Facilities

Grondair Aviation has its own private airport and owns all the buildings located on the airport site. The airport includes:

Landing runway
Four hangars
Two classrooms
Full kitchen
Study and debriefing rooms
Flight simulator
On-site accommodations


All management, flight dispatching, and private or commercial flight booking activities take place inside the administrative building. This is also where all ground school courses are given.

Landing runway

Grondair Aviation has an asphalted landing runway of 3600 ft x 75 ft.


All our planes are parked inside the hangars when they are not flying; this reduces the risk of flight cancellation or delays due to aircraft de-icing in the winter.

Certified by Transport Canada, our Air Avionic maintenance department is accredited to work on all of the company’s aircraft and has its own hangar. A technician specialized in avionics constantly ensures the proper functioning of all the radio and radio-navigation systems of our aircraft.


At Grondair Aviation, a couple of classrooms with a capacity of 12 to 20 students are available, both equipped with multimedia projectors. One of our hangars can be converted into a classroom to accommodate up to 50 students.
Several debriefing rooms are also available.

Flight simulator

Grondair Aviation provides its pilot students and staff with a “Precision Flight Controls—Modular Flight Deck” simulator. This recent investment by Grondair Aviation can be used to renew IFR Rating, gain more experience on a twin-engine aircraft, or sharpen skills during emergency situations. It helps enhance the skills of its staff and consequently the safety of its flights.


A fully equipped kitchen is available for Grondair Aviation staff and students.


Nine motel units are available on the airport site. Each room is equipped with a refrigerator, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a television. Tenants have access to laundry facilities and the internet.

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