Careers at Grondair Aviation

You’ve always dreamed of working in the aviation world? Well, Grondair Aviation offers a wide range of jobs that are directly or indirectly related to it.

Whether you want to be an instructor at the flight school, a Cessna 310 pilot for aerial work on our contracts with SOPFEU, a charter pilot and pilot-in-command on our King Air A-100, an aircraft maintenance mechanic on our team dedicated to Pratt & Whitney PT6A turbine maintenance, or part of our administrative team in the maintenance or accounting department, you’ll find exactly what you’re passionate about at Grondair Aviation!

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Grondair Aviation is staffed by Class I flight instructors with many years of experience and who are responsible for the training of all new Grondair Aviation instructors. Class II, III, and IV instructors are also available to provide our students with quality training. During theory classes and flight training, instructors share and pass on their passion for aviation to their students!

Grondair Aviation hires four to five new flight instructors each and every year!

Send your resume to Jocelyn Dulac, Chief Instructor.

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Airplane Pilot

Grondair Aviation always has a good number of pilots on call, as many as 30 during the busiest periods. Whether it is for passenger transport, cargo transport, or aerial work, Grondair Aviation’s pilots fly safely and offer their customers outstanding service.

Send your resume to Dany Laflamme, Chief Pilot.

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Flight Dispatcher

Grondair Aviation always employs a number of flight dispatchers. Oftentimes, this is the first job that Grondair Aviation students are offered in the world of aviation. Flight dispatchers at Grondair Aviation ensure the correct dispatching of aircraft and pilots or instructors. They are also responsible for maintaining flight records and ensuring a quality flight tracking service.

If you are interested in a dispatcher job, send us your resume.

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You’re trained in aircraft maintenance or avionics and want to experience something unique? Come and join our team of mechanics to live out your dream in an environment totally dedicated to the development of your technical skills.

Being part of the AIR AVIONIC maintenance team will take you to a world where workplace integration, teamwork, rigour, and professional growth in an ultra-comfy AMO are all factors that will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine!

For more information, contact our maintenance manager directly or come and visit us to fully understand what AIR AVIONIC, the aviation maintenance department of Grondair Aviation, is all about

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