Registration Procedure

Attestation of College Studies (ACS)

Simply follow the steps listed below:

  1. Complete your application form;
  2. Pay your admission fees and the fees for the review of your application;

International Students :

  1. Obtain a Quebec Acceptance Certificate for Studies (CAQ)
  2. Obtain a Canadian study permit
  3. Obtain insurance

International Students : You should start taking steps to obtain all legal documents related to your student immigration at least 3 months before the start of the training.

1. Complete your application form

    • Form
    • You can complete your application form directly on Grondair’s website.
Complete the form here
  • Send documents to be provided with your application in one single e-mail to [email protected]:
    • Copy of the central page with photo of your passport;
    • Copy of your birth certificate with full name of each parent;
    • Copy of your most recent diploma and transcript;
    • A cover letter explaining why you aspire to complete a professional pilot training (minimum 250 words);
    • Category 1 Canadian Medical Certificate.
See the list of physicians accredited by Transport Canada

2. Pay your admission fees and the fees for the review of your application

Admission fees :

Cégep Beauce-Appalaches charges $39 in admission fees. These fees are payable directly to the Cégep and are non-refundable.

Review of your application

Once all the documents have been received and your fees paid, the review of your admission file will take a maximum of two weeks. It is important to provide us with good-quality scanned documents in colour.

Possible decisions following an application for admission

Application for admission accepted :

Once your application has been accepted, Cégep Beauce-Appalaches will send you an official registration letter for the private and commercial airplane pilot certification program (EWA.07). Your registration may also be conditionally accepted if certain documents are missing.

Application for admission refused :

Your application may be refused if you do not meet the requirements for the program (academic level, age, level of French, etc.). Your file may also be refused if the documents provided are not valid, are illegible or show signs of alteration. The reasons for the refusal will then be communicated to you, and you will be able to submit a new application for admission if this option is available to you.

International Students

Once your application has been officially accepted and your registration letter received, you are ready to begin your student immigration process.


Designated Learning Institution (DLI) : You must always indicate Cégep Beauce-Appalaches as your designated learning institution on your provincial and federal immigration applications.

# DLI : Cégep Beauce-Appalaches   O19359201381

3. Request for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate for Studies (CAQ)

Conditions required to obtain the Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) :

  1. You must be officially admitted to Cégep Beauce-Appalaches.
  2. You must pay the CAQ application processing fee ($112 CAD).
  3. You must agree to comply with all of the conditions attached to the issuance of your CAQ for Studies, including making studies your principal activity and maintaining, for the duration of your stay, health and hospitalization insurance. To make the process easier, we recommend that you purchase insurance from a Canadian insurance company.
  4. You must also demonstrate your financial capacity to cover all your tuition fees (according to the estimate), transportation costs (round trip from your country of origin), settling-in expenses for the first year, living expenses for the entire duration of your stay (variable depending on the type of accommodation occupied, the purchase of a car or carpooling, etc.; in 2018, Immigration-Québec estimates these costs at $12,318/year) and the costs of health and hospitalization insurance (unless you already have one).
Proofs of financial capacity requested

Apply for CAQ

Online – Complete the online application (with online credit card payment).

Required Documents

Also include all the documents required, according to the country where you live or where you currently stay :

Submit your application

Send the complete file to the Foreign Student Services in Montreal at the following address :

Foreign Student Services

Ministère de l’Immigration et des Communautés culturelles
285 Notre-Dame Street West, 4th Floor
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1T8

Phone 514 864-9191

4. Obtain a study permit (federal)

Once your application for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) has been accepted, you can proceed with your application for a study permit.

  • 1. Online or on paper

You can apply online or on paper. If you need help filling out your application, you can contact the visa application centre (VAC) nearest you.

Find a centre
  • Apply online: PTo apply online, you must have access to a scanner or digital camera to create electronic copies of your documents for uploading, and a valid credit card to make the payment.
  • Apply on paper:

Download the application package

Pay application fees

Submit the application

2. Additional information or documents

Once the visa office has received your application, it may ask for more information or documents, including the following :

  • Medical information:

In most cases, you will need a medical exam. A visa officer will send you instructions if you need one. This may add more than 3 months to the processing time of your application. Find out more about  medical exams.

  • Demonstration of your financial capacity;
  • Security information :

If you want to study in Canada, you and any accompanying family members 18 years of age or older may be required to provide a police certificate. Find out more about security checks.

3. Processing time

The time required to process your application varies depending on the visa office where you applied. For more information, refer to the application processing times page.


5. Obtain a health insurance

You are required to subscribe to a health insurance with the Cégep Beauce-Appalaches. Your personal health insurance must cover the costs of hospitalization and repatriation for the duration of your studies in Canada. One month before your arrival date, you must contact Mrs Nicole Gaboury by e-mail at [email protected]  to subscribe to the insurance. The fees are currently $65 per month.

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