Air Avionic

Our team has 10 or so experienced mechanics who maintain our fleet of 41 aircraft used for scholastic, charter, or aerial work.

Each member of our team keeps in mind that quality work is essential to provide on our tarmac an aircraft fleet ready to be used according to the specificities of each of our flights.

Air Avionic, the aviation maintenance division of Grondair Aviation, never forgets that its job is to make our aircraft available to Grondair’s regular and student pilots while strictly adhering to all maintenance schedules. Safety is our watchword. It’s our ultimate concern.

Through the competence and commitment of its team, Air Avionic has the means to respond efficiently and safely to all operations of the company. The team of 10 technicians of the Air Avionic division is responsible for the impressive fleet of aircraft needed for the flight school, air work services, and aircraft charter operations.

Grondair Aviation holds the certificates and authorizations to carry out all maintenance and repair work on the seven different types of piston and turbine engines used for its commercial activities:

The Air Avionic division also holds the authorizations to perform all types of installation, calibration, and repair work on avionics equipment such as GPS, transponders and altimeters, communication systems, and emergency locator transmitters (ELT). This work can be performed on all types of aircraft used for commercial operations as well as aircraft that are privately owned.

What’s more, our facilities are equipped to carry out reconditioning and painting work on any type of aircraft as well as the complete restoration of interior finish.

To meet the operational needs of our customers and to ensure a safe flight, we can count on the expertise of the Air Avionic division team of Grondair Aviation!